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Travel: Off to Malaysia

2 Aug


I was planning to go to the states again this summer, but unfortunately my plans had to change cuz it simply didn’t work out. fortunately, my and my friends came up with a backup plan and this plan was Malaysia.

 Traveling to east Asia was never in my plans, simply because I knew there were many other places that I would rather visit, so I never really looked into it that much except of what people used to tell me about it. 90% of why we chose Malaysia was because for visa issues and availability, but after searching through it and planning everything, now im sure 90% of this plan is something I want, need and looking forward to.

I’m gonna be gone for 10 days, where I will be visiting Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and spending 2 nights in Genting. I have no expectations except for what I have read and saw in pictures, but I would love it if you have any recommendations for me, whether for food, places to visit and things to buy.

As some of you already know that I do have a thing for airplanes and crashes. It’s a thing I have developed over the years, but it never really stopped me from flying anywhere I wanted. It’s just that recently more than 4 plane crashed somewhere or got missing, and non of them makes sense to me, which is kinda scary and makes me not look forward to it. I will be traveling on the Srilankan airlines, so fingers crossed.


I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaackk!!!!!

3 Oct


I took 25 days off to travel, and I hate to say it, but I’m back :(

Yes I did miss my home, my “pink” room, my bed, my work, my blog and everyone in my life, but I was having so much fun that I didn’t want it to end :(

But I’m very happy that I think I made the best out of my trip. I had the chance to go to three different states, see and do new things, with family and friends! so I couldn’t ask for more, it was definitely the trip of a life time, and I hate to think of “will I ever get the chance to do this again?”.

But I’m extremely happy that it happened. I couldn’t ask for more!

More details to follow on where and what happened during this trip and more about work.

So hows everyone around here!? was cheeky being a good girl while I was gone?

MOOOODYYY! where are youuu???

27 Aug

Chicane Come Back

Moody has left me!

no no.. not permanently… just for a short, short time! well three weeks!!!

she’s gone on a holiday! and even though we don’t live together – its nice to feel like she’s around!!! i miss her!

well let’s all hope she has a blast on her journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and brings back loadsa stories to tell us! ;p

can’t wait till she’s backkkk :D


thank you taxi man

24 Jul


on sunday – i had a nightmare of a day!

its was beyond horrendous! and when i explain the story – i don’t think works can explain how i felt and it may seem like i am some sort of drama queen!

some of you may know – well probably only Moody – that i had a minor car accident a few weeks back – despite the minor-ness of the accident – i had a broken mirror that needed to be fixed…

and along with insurance and all the drama – fixing the car took a few weeks and i was left carless..

so when the garage finally dropped the car off to me – they barely had any petrol in it… i had about 12km range left – and the nearest petrol station was a bit far.. i was at work but the parking situation under my work is so horrendous that I couldn’t find anywhere to park and decided to drive off on a hunt for a petrol pump…

so i drive to a newer area for me because i am told that there is a petrol pump there.. and i can see the signs for it – but somehow i can’t seem to get to it – everytime i try a cop sends me in another direction..

i finally end up parking my car outside the police station near the imaginary petrol pump – start bawling (as in crying like a baby) – i was just so frustrated – i had 2 km range.. and i had no idea what to do.. it was soo hot that i was sweating buckets within my first 2 minutes in the heat

luckily i found a taxi – who took me to a petrol pump… really helped me out with everything… was super duper nice.. filled the petrol in my car… all while giving me a pep talk and getting rid of all the annoying people we met…

he treated me like a daughter.. and really helped me calm down and relax.. and i would just like to say a big thank you to him… it helped me realise that there are so many good people in the world – and i hope i encounter many of them because you always end up learning a little something…

thank you mr. taxi man

summer tripping

20 Jun

this is where i want to be

well summer tripping means – summer travels ;p in my very own special way :D

i am very excited to be travelling to kuwait!!!

for 5 days in total!! that’s all the leave i will be able to get for the time being which sucks :(

but what are all your summer plans :D

and what’s new and exciting in kuwait?? tell me tell me :D

i miss kuwait soooo much! can’t wait to be backkkk ;p

i can’t wait to see moooooodyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

One of those days: Confusing Weather

18 Mar

Just ranting about the weather..

We are all by now are kinda used to the dust storm that we get on regular basis right now and specially in the summer. The weather is changing around the world and it only makes sense as Kuwait has a lot of desert that we get these kind of storms. We are all used to it and yet we complain, that’s just human nature! Am sure that in the states or any of those cold countries they complain about the snow and the cold as much as we complain about the dust! and who knows, they might wish for having the dust instead of the snow! are you willing to exchange if you can?

Whats surprising me is that for a very long time we didn’t have winter that lasted this long! i mean it’s almost April and today the temperature was 10 in the morning! we don’t really know if we should wear summer clothes and have extra jackets on us or just wear light winter clothes and hope we don’t get hot in the afternoon!

I’m not really looking forward to summer, I think am not the summer kind of person. I mean if you are cold, you can always wear extra clothes, but if you are hot, what are you gonna do? Some people look forward to summer cuz of the beach and all the activities, well I don’t think anyone could stand the heat in Kuwait! who would go to the beach in Kuwait in summer when it’s over 50 degrees? unless you wanna commit suicide.

So be careful people of this weather change, it’s probably full of viruses and to those who suffer from breathing problems too.

Stay safe

Paris: The Champs Élysées

6 Aug

I bet all of you know this place and probably been to it too, for me it was my first time, so of course I gotta post about it :P

The Champs Elysees is considered one of the most famous streets around the world, it’s famous for the shops it has, the cafes and restaurant, the wide area to walk and the Arc de Triomphe at the end of it. What I liked about it is how spacious it is, though it’s always full of people walking, shopping and eating. It was such a great exercise to walk there back and forth.

Ofcourse you will see alot of Arab people, and your ears start catching words here and there from different nationalities, its weird how you feel when you know you’re not in an Arab country and you hear someone speaking Arabic. It happend also that the Bastille day was when we were they, sadly we arrived around 11 am and the celebration was over!

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most important highlights of Paris, I have seen so many pictures of it but you don’t realize how big it is until you see it with your own eyes.

One of the good meals that I had was at Leon’s restaurant at the Champs Elysees, I enjoyed a good muscles dish Mexican style.

So when they say that Paris is the city of romance and love, now I understand.

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