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TV: Scandal

25 Jul


I have been surprising myself lately of the change of taste when it comes to TV shows. I mean, I never thought I would ever wanna watch the 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives, or get into the cheesy drama of Sex & the City, or even be attached to the non existing, in your dreams kind of characters of Greys Anatomy, but guess what, I did, and now im doing it again with Scandal.

The only difference about Scandal is that…it IS different. The show is very well written, the amount of vocabulary they use is unbelievable, and the way the connect the characters can be over whelming.

To me this wasnt in my agenda since I know it had to do a lot with politics, and I don’t like that, not one bit. But after I started watching it, I realized how im interested I am in conspiracies and how I started connecting the dots myself and turns out to be right most of the times!

I just started watching season 3 and its going well, however I do sense some repetitiveness and unrealistic connections, but lets see how it goes. I hope this season has a WOW ending. Here’s the trailer incase you havent seen it before:


TV: The Bachelor

18 Feb


I can’t believe am actually writing this post, I hate to admit it, but I have been watching The Bachelor for the first time in my life, and actually got a bit interested cuz of all the drama and girls acting stupid! The same feeling hit me when I started watching Desperate Housewives and refused to admit it, until I was waiting eagerly for the next season :P

So apparently this is the 17th season of The Bachelor (I can’t believe they have been acting for that long) and it seems like the bachelor this time was one of the guys on The Bachelorette show before! So girls are kinda all over him since the beginning. It got interesting for me cuz I see girls fighting, trying to steal the guy from each other and making all sort of drama, which is stupid, cuz its kinda obvious that it’s all acting! But on the other hand, some girls seem honest, and you start thinking if they are good enough for him or not lol.

What strikes me too is that I didn’t think girls at this young age, having their freedom and living in a very open-minded society, are so eager to fall in love and get married! Some of these girls are almost a bit sick! Which is something I wouldn’t be shocked to see when it comes to Arab girls, just didn’t expect it from them!

Do you watch the show, its ok you can tell us, even if you were a guy :P

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