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Travel: Off to Malaysia

2 Aug


I was planning to go to the states again this summer, but unfortunately my plans had to change cuz it simply didn’t work out. fortunately, my and my friends came up with a backup plan and this plan was Malaysia.

 Traveling to east Asia was never in my plans, simply because I knew there were many other places that I would rather visit, so I never really looked into it that much except of what people used to tell me about it. 90% of why we chose Malaysia was because for visa issues and availability, but after searching through it and planning everything, now im sure 90% of this plan is something I want, need and looking forward to.

I’m gonna be gone for 10 days, where I will be visiting Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and spending 2 nights in Genting. I have no expectations except for what I have read and saw in pictures, but I would love it if you have any recommendations for me, whether for food, places to visit and things to buy.

As some of you already know that I do have a thing for airplanes and crashes. It’s a thing I have developed over the years, but it never really stopped me from flying anywhere I wanted. It’s just that recently more than 4 plane crashed somewhere or got missing, and non of them makes sense to me, which is kinda scary and makes me not look forward to it. I will be traveling on the Srilankan airlines, so fingers crossed.


Video: Around the World in 360 Degrees

16 May


Alex Chacon has been traveling around the world for three years, documenting his adventure in a rotating selfie which the only thing changing is the incredible scenery behind him. God i wish i can have that! dont you?

’tis been a long time

17 Dec

moody and I did a little swap…

i went to kuwait for a week or so.. and moody visited Dubai for 5 days or so!

apart from missing each other – both our holidays were great!

we (I – Moody has always been amazing on instagram) have been trying to be more active on instagram!

so if you don’t already follow us… please dooo!!!!!! @moodyncheeky

the weather in kuwait was soooo gorgeous and nice and cold! i just wish i could be back in kuwait sometimes… it’s so nice and relaxed and home-y there..

i grew up there for about 90% of my life ;p so one would hope it would be homey!


what are everyone’s holiday plans for the holday SEAASONNNN!!!!!!!!!


What Happened to British Airways?

22 Oct


5 Years ago when I first visited the states, I went through London so it was only natural that I book through british airways since I was planning on staying a couple of days there. British Airways always had a good reputation for the service, and it was true, I really had a good trip at that time, but not this time.

Since I was going to san francisco, the options are a bit limited as I don’t want to have a lot of transits here and there, It was either the United Airlines, Emirates, or British Airways I guess, so I went for the last just because I was happy with it…5 years ago!!

To my surprise, the seats felt smaller this time (no i did not gain any weight :P), it wasnt as comfortable, and you get to feel that everything is old, the plane is old, the crew are old, and obviously the entertainment is old too! Everything seemed to be more limited.

Not only that, but the fact that you have to stop through London and get to be searched a lot and everything has to go though the security check more than once is just plain stupid. I have traveled to so many places and never got searched this much!!!

Too bad British Airways is definitely not on my list anymore, I used to really like it. On the other hand, people kept telling me how United Airlines is bad, well..my flight from San Francisco to New York was through United and I absolutely loved it! Next time I’m trying them.


I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaackk!!!!!

3 Oct


I took 25 days off to travel, and I hate to say it, but I’m back :(

Yes I did miss my home, my “pink” room, my bed, my work, my blog and everyone in my life, but I was having so much fun that I didn’t want it to end :(

But I’m very happy that I think I made the best out of my trip. I had the chance to go to three different states, see and do new things, with family and friends! so I couldn’t ask for more, it was definitely the trip of a life time, and I hate to think of “will I ever get the chance to do this again?”.

But I’m extremely happy that it happened. I couldn’t ask for more!

More details to follow on where and what happened during this trip and more about work.

So hows everyone around here!? was cheeky being a good girl while I was gone?

leaving on a jet plane!

24 Sep


planning my holiday!

having completed 3 weeks at my new job! i don’t think I have experienced such hecticness at work for quite a while!

7amdella, I love it! i like being busy and looking down at the time and realising that I the day is gone!

there seems to be a holiday on November 4th – in the whole of the GCC i imagine? and flydubai has a 20% sale!

time to fly to kuwait for a 2.5 day holiday???? yessss?????????????


MOOOODYYY! where are youuu???

27 Aug

Chicane Come Back

Moody has left me!

no no.. not permanently… just for a short, short time! well three weeks!!!

she’s gone on a holiday! and even though we don’t live together – its nice to feel like she’s around!!! i miss her!

well let’s all hope she has a blast on her journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and brings back loadsa stories to tell us! ;p

can’t wait till she’s backkkk :D


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