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TV: Scandal

25 Jul


I have been surprising myself lately of the change of taste when it comes to TV shows. I mean, I never thought I would ever wanna watch the 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives, or get into the cheesy drama of Sex & the City, or even be attached to the non existing, in your dreams kind of characters of Greys Anatomy, but guess what, I did, and now im doing it again with Scandal.

The only difference about Scandal is that…it IS different. The show is very well written, the amount of vocabulary they use is unbelievable, and the way the connect the characters can be over whelming.

To me this wasnt in my agenda since I know it had to do a lot with politics, and I don’t like that, not one bit. But after I started watching it, I realized how im interested I am in conspiracies and how I started connecting the dots myself and turns out to be right most of the times!

I just started watching season 3 and its going well, however I do sense some repetitiveness and unrealistic connections, but lets see how it goes. I hope this season has a WOW ending. Here’s the trailer incase you havent seen it before:


What Happened to British Airways?

22 Oct


5 Years ago when I first visited the states, I went through London so it was only natural that I book through british airways since I was planning on staying a couple of days there. British Airways always had a good reputation for the service, and it was true, I really had a good trip at that time, but not this time.

Since I was going to san francisco, the options are a bit limited as I don’t want to have a lot of transits here and there, It was either the United Airlines, Emirates, or British Airways I guess, so I went for the last just because I was happy with it…5 years ago!!

To my surprise, the seats felt smaller this time (no i did not gain any weight :P), it wasnt as comfortable, and you get to feel that everything is old, the plane is old, the crew are old, and obviously the entertainment is old too! Everything seemed to be more limited.

Not only that, but the fact that you have to stop through London and get to be searched a lot and everything has to go though the security check more than once is just plain stupid. I have traveled to so many places and never got searched this much!!!

Too bad British Airways is definitely not on my list anymore, I used to really like it. On the other hand, people kept telling me how United Airlines is bad, well..my flight from San Francisco to New York was through United and I absolutely loved it! Next time I’m trying them.


I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaackk!!!!!

3 Oct


I took 25 days off to travel, and I hate to say it, but I’m back :(

Yes I did miss my home, my “pink” room, my bed, my work, my blog and everyone in my life, but I was having so much fun that I didn’t want it to end :(

But I’m very happy that I think I made the best out of my trip. I had the chance to go to three different states, see and do new things, with family and friends! so I couldn’t ask for more, it was definitely the trip of a life time, and I hate to think of “will I ever get the chance to do this again?”.

But I’m extremely happy that it happened. I couldn’t ask for more!

More details to follow on where and what happened during this trip and more about work.

So hows everyone around here!? was cheeky being a good girl while I was gone?

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