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Song of the Week: The Weeknd – Often

26 Aug


I have been into The Weeknd so much lately, im liking their style, music, and i cant deny the lyrics too :P Their remixes are amazing, have you heard Beyonce’s remix here?


Song of the Week: Sia – Elastic Heart

28 Jul

song of the day

18 Feb

loving this song – do you love it tooooo?


Video: Man Hugs With Lions & Hyenas

25 Jan

This amazing video shows how animals can behave differently if you understand them and act the way you are supposed to. It’s not a very short video but its worth watching, if you are in a hurry, watch these amazing parts:

00:42 Lions bound out of the grass to jump on him

2:00 The most majestic hug ever.

2:25 Chin scratches all around.

3:57 Lion licks his face.

9:50 Lion breaks a side view mirror off, then several chase the vehicle.

song of the week: say something

23 Dec

i have heard this song – and i have really started loving it!!!!!

what do you guys thinkkkk????

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – Say Something

song of the week: what i might do

12 Nov

really like this song!

and thanks to Shazam i was able to find out what the song was while on the go! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!

check it out – you like?????

BEN PEARCE – What I Might Do

song of the week: gone till november

28 Oct

an oldie – but october needs to end ;p

who feels the same??? :)

gone till november – i’ll be gone till november

Gone till November – Wyclef Jean

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