best french toast ever – CÔTE in London

19 Apr


as you may know – i have been in London not long ago!!!

and it has been a great great trip! i discovered lots of new places!

but the best thing ever!!!! being able to walk everywhere! that’s what i miss most in the gulf countries – the fact that we can’t just walk everywhere!!!!!! i know the weather isn’t catered to it – and neither are the roads etc.. but it just sucks..

so here’s something you may not know about me! i love french toast – i would pick it over any breakfast choice (except perhaps a yummy omlette with lotsa yummy veg, olives, and sun dried tomatoes and if i were not worried about looking like a round succulent gigantic chicken ;p) but yes, i love french toast!!!!

the best french toast i have had to date.. was in london at this place called CÔTE…

french toast

it is a chain of restaurants in UK/London – not sure if it exists anywhere else…

i went to the high street kensington branch (on Kensington Court) and it was perfect on a rainy day..

sitting indoors – warming my hands up with a nice cup of tea – and eating fluffy french toast made of brioche bread..

it was absolutely divine – it had some cinnamon and i can’t put my finger on what else…

my friend had the eggs benedict – i’m not a fan so i never tried it – but my friend was super happy with it!

so if ur in london! or are visiting!

check it out:


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